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Cat bed - Check how to choose the right one

by Damian Kaim
Cat bed - Check how to choose the right one

Alot is said about sleep in the context of cats. Why? Because cats are one of the laziest animals right after sloths. At least that's what most of us think. It is not for nothing. When we look at a cat, there is a good chance that we will catch him on a short or slightly longer nap. On an armchair, on a sofa, on a windowsill, in the sun in the garden or in any other favorite place. Cats sleep a total of 12 to 16 hours a day. it means that a suitable bed that we provide them will accompany them for over half of their lives.

Does the cat need bedding?

Cats can sleep in the strangest places and positions. Each of them also has their own preferences regarding the place to sleep. Very often cats prefer things that we use ourselves on a daily basis, such as sofas, armchairs, chairs and - of course - a cushioned bed. Does this mean that the cat does not need its lair and prefers to sleep in places that are not specifically intended for it? Not completely.

The cat lounges in various places and during the day it can change the points of subsequent naps. It is worth creating an alternative to a sofa, bed or wardrobe with clothes. A cat needs a quiet place where it will feel safe. If you provide him with suitable bedding, he will certainly use it.

At the same time, take into account that the first purchase may not be a hit and the cat may not like it. As a rule, uncovered lairs are not liked by pets, because they do not give them a sense of security. the second condition is the correct location of the lair, moving it to where the cat spends most of the time resting will be a great idea, because the cat has already found this place ideal for naps

Keeping your cat in good shape and health

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Playing together as an element of cat care
The abave is very important for cats - from kittens to old age. In fact, playing with a cat is one of the most enjoyable things about having one. It also has tremendous health benefits, encouraging your cat to stay active, stay agile and maintain a healthy body shape. Even more importantly, play can help encourage cats to express their natural hunting instincts.

Why cats play
Your cat's playful behavior can be delightful, endearing and at times slightly annoying! Kittens start playing at four weeks of age and spend most of their time wrestling with other cats learning to hunt. By the time they reach the age of seven to eight, they will shift their focus from playing with littermates to playing with inanimate objects using the predator instinct.

Benefits of physical activity
Playing with your cat for just 20 minutes a day not only provides physical and mental stimulation, but also strengthens the bond between you. It is particularly important to ensure that indoor cats consume energy, which is normally reserved for patrolling the territory and hunting prey. Indoor cats may need more play to keep them fit, or repeat it in the morning and evening.

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We have included all the important things for your cat in our product. Cats Tunnel is both fun and good rest for your pet😽

Cat Tunnel

Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel
Cat Tunnel


⭐ TWO IN ONE - Combines Cat Tunnel and Mat.

⭐WARM AND COZY - Plush fabric, soft and durable, warm in winter, with two scratching balls hanging on each end of the tunnel.

⭐ EASY FOR STORAGE - Padded cotton mat can be easily detached and the tunnel can be easily folded to save space when not in use.

⭐ GREAT GIFT IDEA - This tunnel is the best choice for cat lovers,and for friends who own others small animals.

Material: Polyester Cotton + Removable Cotton Padding
Size: 126cm/49.60 inch long
Tunnel Diameter: 27cm/10.62 inch
The Mat: 55cm/21.65 inch long
Color: Green, Coffee, Brown, Pink
Applicable to: small animals such as dogs and cats
Applicable scene: play at home, outdoor
Integrated design for cats kitten, small dogs and even rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla. This indoor playground can be used as pet cave, hideaway , tent and great for interactive activity such as hide and seek. Scratching toys attached to each end of the tube. Keep your pets moving and exercise. Also great for nap when they feel like rest.